April News 2021


It sure is good to be able to greet you with spring bustin’ out all over!  It really is nice not to need the heaviest coat in the closet when headed outside.  I hope you have had your Covid shots by now without any significant repercussions.   For this time of year, my yard is the driest it has been in many years.  It has helped speed up my yard work, which is also tending to get easier because I hire a bit more of it done every year.  Not getting lazy or incapable, just re-prioritizing the things I have on my agenda.  At least that is what I tell myself.  As I was checking out my shrubs for a spring pruning, I discovered that I had unknowingly provided a great home for the Easter bunny over winter.  The reason I know it was the Easter bunny is that it left a whopping collection of little brown eggs behind.  Nice of him/her wasn’t it? 

From the President – So Things Do Change!

When I was a kid in elementary school in Central Wisconsin I remember visits by the dreaded county health nurse.  She was there to vaccinate against polio and small pox.  I didn’t want to go to school on those days and I sure didn’t appreciate standing in line to get those “shots”.  Well guess what, as I’ve had the opportunity to chat with some of you during the past couple of weeks (just to see how you were doing), we all talked about how elated we were to get those Covid shots.  In fact, consistently it was the topic of conversation with everyone within the first two minutes of the call.  The vaccinations have given us a new sense of freedom and seemed to be to reopening our world.  Yes, my perspective has certainly changed.  I hope all of you who wished to get a covid vaccination have been able to do so or have it on your schedule. 

Speaking of those brief telephone visits you’ve had, a few other things were commonly expressed.  You really like the monthly updates, and a good share of you are participating in the zoom calls on our regular 1st Mondays or enjoying them through the club website at other times.   Many of you have used the website for various reasons – scholarship applications, club history, updates, members news, etc. But the thing that we heard above everything else is the desire to get back together at club meetings – sharing a meal and conversation.  Amen to that.  It looks like we’ll probably have to wait until next September to enjoy each other’s company, but don’t let Covid keep you from participating in the club, calling friends and considering a donation to the scholarship fund.  The Scholarship CoordinationTeam has been planning a special scholarship auction item for this spring. You can read more about it below.  Please be looking for that, it should be fun.

A couple of recent rounds of golf convinces me that spring is here.  So get out those shorts and sun tan lotion.  Enjoy the season and all the yard work that comes with it.   See you on the “radio”.

All the best,

Auction! Auction! Auction!!!

Surprise – Surprise, we are going to have an auction this spring after all.  The Auction Committee is excited to announce that Casey Chase, long time LAANRC member, has graciously donated a week’s stay at her condo in Manistee. Casey feels strongly about the club’s commitment to MSU student scholarships and wants to help move the club closer to our $100,000 goal. She is offering her condo for the week of June 19 to the 26th, 2021. Because of the timing, we are unable to have this included in our bi-annual auction. We are therefore in the process of setting up an auction by email for this item only.  We hope to have the auction run from the last week of April through the first week of May. (Beginning April 25 and ending May 9.)  We will have more information and pictures available at our April meeting.  A brochure will be emailed to each member household by April 19. 

Think about how you could use a week’s stay either for yourself or as a gift to family or friends. Thanks Casey for your generous donation!

We look forward to having you participate in our April program. 

Stay well