December News 2021


It’s that time of year again when our ANR Club gathering becomes enwrapped with music to kick off a very special season of the year.  It will be great to experience the tradition  again after being side-tracked last year with Covid 19 restrictions.  There is something new for us though this year as we will have harp music performed by Belle Coty for the first time. Interspersed with her musical numbers will be some special holiday remembrances briefly shared by our members.

Belle is a versatile harpist from Grand Rapids.  She teaches harp, plays in a variety of venues including weddings, charity dinners, art shows, dinner receptions and other events. She works for the Jackson Symphony Orchestra as the Coordinator of Fund and Audience Development.  Belle also serves as the President of the West Michigan Harp Chapter of the American Harp Society, Inc.   As a frequent orchestra harpist, she has performed with the Lansing Symphony Orchestra, the Jackson Symphony Orchestra, and the Livingston Symphony Orchestra.  She is currently finishing graduate school at the Michigan State University College of Music in harp performance, where she also received her bachelor’s degree in the same subject.  Belle is a private harp instructor with beginner and intermediate level students of all ages.  Her repertoire features a wide variety of styles; whether it be romantic, classical, traditional or contemporary. Her performance will be themed for the holiday season.  Don’t miss this gem!

Meeting Plans

Our Club efforts to meet face to face each month have been successful.  We have physically arranged things so that there is less congestion in the entrance when people arrive.  Wearing masks while there, except during the time we are eating, has worked well and with Covid concerns still prevalent, has provided a greater sense of safety.  We have reduced the number of people at each table to six to provide less crowding.  The fellowship has been great,  If you haven’t been to a face to face meeting yet this year and feel comfortable doing so, we encourage you to bring your mask and give it a try. 

Watch For the Dec, 6 Surprise Event

As we prepared to wrap up our Club’s 80th anniversary year, an idea arose to consider doing something special for the Order of Eastern Star organization who has served our meals for 73 years beginning in 1948.  Seventy-three years is a long time and when one considers the importance of a good meal to our membership, these people have contributed a lot to our Club’s success.  

There have been and will continue to be a lot of advantages in having  the OES serve us.  There are few, if any, commercial locations that would be able to meet our needs as conveniently, for a reasonable price.  We pay no room rent in addition to the basic meal cost when a dinner is served and they do the set-up and decorate tables for the meals to make it look nicer,  To our knowledge, they have never received tips over the years, which wouldn’t be the case in any other commercial venue.  And of course their family-style home cooked meals certainly foster and enhance the fellowship we share at meetings.

The idea of giving them a monetary gift during our anniversary picked up interest as it would tangibly demonstrate our appreciation for the past and support their commitment for continuing to serve us in the future.  The LAANRC board unanimously approved contributing $100 from the club treasury to the effort. Since the club is not able to do a substantive monetary gift with our annual revenue, some anonymous donors have contributed $1,400 additional dollars to make it possible to give the OES chapter a gift of $1,500, all of it to be identified as a gift from the club treasury and you the club members .  While this gift is substantive with a good ring to it, the math for 73 years of service shows it to be but $20.55 per year of service.  A check for $1,500 will be given to the OES during our December meeting. Our goal is to keep this planned gift a SECRET from the OES ladies to make it a surprise at the meeting.  Your help with this is appreciated.  Let’s be prepared to give them a standing ovation (if you can stand) following the presentation.

Mark Your Calendars for January 10

Our January meeting will be on the second Monday of the month – January 10 due to the first Monday being right after the New Year’s weekend.