January News


Well, there is little doubt now that the big holidays are Zooming in fast.  Before you know it we will be well into 2021.  Are you going to miss 2020?  I was asked that question recently and at first blush thought, ”you’ve got to be kidding, I can’t wait to get past it.”  Then on further reflection I began to think of all the things that made it unique. Surprisingly, they weren’t all bad.  I’m still alive (at least at this writing) and have found new ways of living that I’m convinced will continue to be part of my life well after 2020.  I learned some lessons too.  I can do something about feelings of isolation by being proactive.  I don’t have to have my eyes, ears and thoughts abused with never-ending political commentary because I can control tuning it in or out.  I am living at a time when medical advances are providing solutions for illness that would have sounded like science-fiction when I was a kid.  Let me just express again my hope that your holidays will be rich with love, both shared and received and that you experience the power released when you look ahead with hope for the future. 


The Extension Master Gardner Program will be conducted on ZOOM, March 2 to June 8 on Tuesdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.  The cost for the 14-week class is $325 and partial scholarships are available.  CLICK HERE for more information and registration.

FROM PRESIDENT KEN - A Little Retrospect

As Lansing Area Ag. And Natural Resources Club members, 2020 has been an interesting year.  I have often found myself dwelling on the things that we couldn’t do because of Coronavirus and yet there are many wonderful things that have happened in 2020.  We just completed a successful election cycle (with a few bumps) that reaffirms the basis of the democracy that we all enjoy.  We experienced some significant social discourse that I believe caused all of us to relook at how we view and treat our fellow human beings.  We’ve seen our first line medical professionals demonstrate true compassion and generosity as they care for our ill families and friends during this tough time.  And now with the speedy release of these new vaccines we have renewed hope.  What better gifts are there for this struggling world?  Covid 19, for all its damage and misery has caused most of us to find new ways to communicate (Zoom) and stay engaged.  I hope that this disease and the separation that it has caused, will motivate all of us to value  friendships and families and look forward to next holidays and family events when we can greet friends with a hug and break bread and share bowls of food around a common table.  Wow, won’t that be nice? 

My wish for 2021 is pretty simple.  I wish you all a safe and happy New Year, a year that in some ways will feel like a rebirth of community.  A time when we can again meet and enjoy each other’s company.

I want to thank all of our Club Team members and officers who work hard to make this organization beneficial for all of us especially during the challenges of this past year.  I especially want to thank your Secretary-Treasurer, Bob Pangman for his endless efforts to improve communication, handle logistics and encourage engagement.  Bob puts his heart into this club to ensure that we have great outcomes.  Bob, we appreciate you. 

All the best, Ken Rauscher


Monday, November 1. Silent auction starts 5:30 pm. CLICK HERE for the auction brochure PDF.