May News 2021

Greetings Ya’ll ...

Well, well, when I wrote the April News Update I raved about the nice warm weather we were having and that spring was bustin’ out all over, but as I write this, we have been “busted” as our temps overnight are projected to again be in the 20’s.  Hope you have hot caps and electric blankets for your tender plants.  Should have known as this is Michigan.  The good news is that it will change for the better some day.  Just hang on.  This is an active month for our club. We are about to kick off our on-line auction,  planning is underway for our annual Board meeting and we will need to elect three board members to serve three year terms.   Our program this month sounds kind of fishy but you will learn a lot.  Check out all of the material in this News Update as it is our best way to communicate with all of you. 

Our Monday, May 3 meeting will begin via Zoom promptly at 7:00 pm.  We again recommend that you join the Zoom meeting about 6:55 or so to have plenty of time to complete the process.  If you don’t use Zoom, remember we are recording all of the programs and are posting them on our website. You may watch any past program on the website at your convenience without needing Zoom.  If you need any help getting to the site, Contact Us.

Program Highlights

Our May program is entitled Teaching Youth to Fish:  A Great Investment in the Future.  The presenters will be our own board member John Hesse who is an adjunct faculty member of the MSU Department of Fisheries and Wildlife.  As an avid fisherman, he is deeply involved with getting more youth into sport fishing.  He will share information about a youth fishing program that he has led for the past 10 years for kids in the mid-Michigan area.  The second presenter is Mark Stephens, Director of Project F.I.S.H. (Friends Involved in Sportfishing Heritage) for the past 23 years in the MSU Department of Fisheries and Wildlife. He will discuss this landmark program.  In addition to working with adults, Mark interacts directly with youth in a variety of settings.  Both John and Mark have a passion for teaching kids about the sport of fishing.  Tune in to our upcoming meeting and enjoy seeing all the smiling faces of youth with whom they work. 

We look forward to having you participate in our May program. 

Auction Action Started Monday, April 26

IThis is a special opportunity thanks to a club member who has donated a week (June 19-26,2021) at her condo in Manistee, MI.  Click here for more auction information. When we asked what motivated the donation for this charitable action, the response included the following:

“When  my husband and I were high bidders on a previous auction gift of a John Deere combine ride, we asked ourselves what we might have that could be donated for the benefit our club. He said: "Why don't we donate a week at our two-bedroom condo in Manistee, Mi. that we have owned for 23 years?"

In memory of my husband, Dick, I called the scholarship coordinating team and said why don't we have an on-line auction for the condo week. That started the ball rolling.  With your support of this gift by bidding, we will move closer to our $100,000 endowment goal and earn interest on the funds for scholarships much sooner than waiting for the uncertainty of a live auction at some time in the future. 

I will be anxious to see who my guests will be.  Have fun bidding on-line!” 

Again, many thanks to the donor.  Thanks also to our Club’s auction facilitators and to the Chair of the Scholarship Coordination Team, who has played a key role in the planning for this on-line auction.  Some real energy has gone into our auctions and the on-line auction coming up is no exception.  If you cannot locate the brochure sent out this past Thursday, let us know and we will get another one out to you.  Thanks in advance for participating in this great opportunity to enjoy a relaxing week and at the same time support outstanding CANR students who receive our scholarships.

From the Club President - Hey, I’m Going For A Walk . . . .

Between normal cabin fever this time of year, and the dreaded Covid cloud that seems to hover over us, I’m ready to get out and go for walks or maybe just do a little yard work.  Vaccinations have helped put my mind at ease, but I need the physical release of cleaning up a few flowerbeds or getting the garden ready for a new season to provide the needed therapy.  Another opportunity that’s safe and effective for me is the monthly LAANRC club meetings and I don’t even have to leave the house.  Our program team has done a terrific job of providing interesting and timely programs each month through Zoom.  With our Club's information and expert promotional skills and Zoom control magic, you can sit back and enjoy an hour of information and entertainment.   My gratitude to the entire team that make these programs happen each month during this unusual year. 

Let me discuss some opportunities that are more normal.  It’s that time of year when we consider board elections and team membership.  We have had the benefit of terrific board leadership and each year three of the members’ terms expire and an election is required to fill those positions.  Likewise, people rotate off of our teams and new opportunities are available for you to consider.  Please give these team and board opportunities your consideration.  The teams and chairs are listed in your club membership directory.  If you’re interested, contact our club president by May 15. 

After you return from that walk or a sunny afternoon in the garden, you might consider checking out our great website.  I must admit I’m not much for seeking out and surfing websites, but this is ours.  Our webmaster has done a great job of developing and updating it for you.  I guarantee you’ll find this site worth a few minutes of your time.  Plug that link into your Internet browser and go for a spin – its safe and interesting. I guarantee it. 

Many of you have asked our boards and officers about future meetings and getting back together.   I believe we are all looking at next September as our target to get back together in person.  However, the recent upsurge in Covid cases reminds all of us that uncertainty continues.  When our board meets in early June, you can be assured that this will be a subject of thorough discussion.  There are Covid incidence, facility and staff availability, and personal safety concerns to be considered.  Beyond our decisions, each of you will have to evaluate your own concerns about reuniting.   Be assured that safety will always be our primary goal. 

Now get back out there and enjoy that sunshine.