September News 2021

September Salutations!

I just re-read the President's concluding comments in his July News Update message which read, “Enjoy the remainder of the summer.  It will melt away fast.”  What a prophet this man is!  “Melt” we did, as this has been a summer with some rather intense hot, muggy days.  But it is soon ready to again shift gears for another slide into the autumn season with all of its beauty.  The signals of autumn are already showing up with the color of male finches beginning to show change, the insects of late summer and fall already singing their unique songs and organizations like ours getting ready to start a new program year. 

We have a special year coming up as we will be celebrating our 80th birthday at our October meeting. The Lansing Farmers Club started in 1941 and has been part of the scene here in mid-Michigan ever since.  Times have changed a lot in that span of time but the ingredients that have kept our organization glued together remain strong today.  Gathering for some fellowship over a good dinner, capped off with a bit of fresh educational insight has worked well. 

From President Ken

Greetings LAANRC Members,

I hope your summer has been healthy and a good one.  Wow, here we are at the start of a new club year and I’m looking forward to seeing all of you in person.  Your executive and program planning teams have been keeping an eye on the current Covid picture along with folks from the Lodge.  Our goal and plan is to return to meeting face to face in a safe manner.  We will continue to monitor the situation.

Our July 19 Summer Fellowship Gathering at the lodge was a great success.  Fifty-six members and guests attended the gathering to indulge in plain ole conversation and homemade pie and beverages.  It was refreshing to gather face to face after so many months of restricted contact. Hey, I think we should consider this an annual summer event - yeah, more pie.  Thanks to our Secretary/Treasurer, Bob for coordinating this event.

One of the things that has taken something of a hit during the Zoom approach to meetings is new member recruitment.  So as we begin a new club year, it’s a great time to invite folks you know to join us for a free “trial” meeting.  Expanding our membership is great for us socially and great for the future development of the club. 

As a club, one of our major goals is scholarship.  In October, we’ll have our 2021/22 recipients attend for you to meet and greet.  Please go out of your way to make them feel welcome.   November will provide us with the opportunity to finally have our scholarship fundraiser auction.  Please consider donating items and experiential opportunities (like combine rides) to bid on for benefitting this cause.  Sandy Stuckman and the Scholarship Coordination Team has done a great job in working with MSU on recipient selection and on-going events. 

Lastly, thanks to our Program Planning Team led by Ben Kudwa for their efforts to provide programs that are both enjoyable and stimulating.  The initial offerings for September, October and November look great.  If you have suggestions for programs you would like them to consider and develop, please contact Ben or any of the team members. 

I’m looking forward to seeing you on September 13th.